Friday, July 13, 2012

Blessings in the FACE

You know those times when everything is looking down and it's hard to pick your head up? husband and I have had one of those weeks. His 1994 honda civic, little black car called it quits on us. So.... We are in the process of buying a new car Orr possibly fixing his old car (not sure if it's worth fixing). I'm sure everyone can agree that yet another finance added to the list is no bueno, but we are being positive and know that God is always with us.

While thinking on the car we started to look at the benefits of the face that it decided to call it quits. It is an old car, not reliable, neither one of likes to drive it, and it's a gas guzzler. If we get a new car it will be good on gas and in muuuuuch better condition than what we had. Plus, we would have never gotten rid of that car if it was still working so we are taking it as a sign sort of speak.

Giving it to the LORD is sooo much better than freaking out over it. :) I'm sure you already knew that. :) moving on- our adventure tonight is heading out with our friends Ted and Pyper for bowling and dinner then going back to their place to hang out. It's sooooo great having such wonderful friends!!

Love and God bless to all!!! :)

These are our friends Pyper and Ted!!

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