Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life in the City

So this is my, I don't know what number blog, but here we go anyway. My husband and I are both from relatively small towns but both ended up in the grand city of Dallas, TX. This will hopefully be a blog about our adventures in the big D. Some background on us: My husband is from Prosper, TX which has grown a lot sense he was there. He played the drums in the band, was a friend to all, and was a stud football player. He is a pretty handsome guy and currently works at Starbucks as a Shift Leader while finishing up his teaching degree. I am from the small town of Graham, TX that has also changed a lot since I lived there. It seem like everytime I go back there they have something new!

My husband and I met in Dallas at Dallas Christian College. We dated for 1-2 years then became engaged for what seemed like forever!! We were married on October 5th, 2012 (my great-grandparents anniversary) in Richardson, TX by the JP. I wanted to have the same anniversary as my mawmaw and pawpaw so we JP'd it because the date was midweek. We then had the full out shabang the following Saturday at Fort Belknap on October 8, 2012 in the pouring down rain!! We are aproaching out 1 year anniversary and I am very excited to say that we will be celebrating on a hot air balloon!!! We wanted to get married on a hot air balloon, but we couldn't find a big enought basket for our families. ;) So.....we are celebrating our 1 year on a hot air balloon instead; a wonderful alternative I think!!! Trust me - I will post pictures for sure!!

Children: we are on the 3 year plan as of today....meaning when he graduates and has his teaching job and we're settled we will start trying. I constantly get baby fever BUT my 3 adorable nephews help with that! For now we have 1 baby, but he has 4 legs, a wet nose, and is covered in fur. His name is Buster, he was born in Weatherford, TX, his birthday is Seeptember 1, 2012, and he has me wrapped around his paw.  He's a great cuddler and when my husband works late he sleeps in the bed with me!

Well......enough for now: I'm off to eat my mom's homemade icecream that I made!! Happy early 4th to everyone!!!

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