Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Missing Someone You Never Knew

Whitney Houston:

I know that she died many months ago, but I still can't believe it. I use to stand in the middle of my room and sing her songs when I was in junior high / high school. I loved watching her movies and always looked up to her. I'll admit that when she got into drugs I was disappointed and thought she was a list cause. Secretly I hoped that she would come around and only until her death did I see how deep her faith was. Her funeral was....amazing. I watch the while thing- all 4 hours. Whitney was a wonderful, loving, caring, God fearing woman that had a hard and wonderful life. I just keep wondering why I can't let her go - I never even knew her but wanted to be her so much. I wish for once that someone wouldn't die tragically before their time. Too much of that is happening and I guess I never thought it would happen to Whitney. I knew she was having struggles but I always thought she would be back at some point. I always wonder about her song "I Look to You" and "I Didn't Know my Own Strength." Sit down and really listen to those lyrics: it sounds like she was finally grounded in faith, herself, her purpose in life.... And then she left us. That's what gets me... What could have been?? Her voice..... I try to sing like her and I just can't. She had such a gift - the voice of an angel was her on this earth - a gift from the Lord. Whitney Houston was one of my childhood idols and to this day I admire her and my heart hurts when I think of her struggles and how she left us. I love you Whitney Houston - I hope to meet and (oh goodness) song with you in heaven. I will practice with you while I wait to meet you and the precious Lord. You are in a better place and I'm jealous - love to you sweet sweet angel of the Lord.

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