Sunday, July 22, 2012

Living with Batman

Hello all!!

Today my parents came to Ft. Worth to see the new batman movie and have dinner with my husband and me. "The Dark Knight Rises" was to say the least awesome!! The graphics were amazing, the story line was full of twists and turns, it had a happy ending, annnnd left it open for possibly another movie.

If you don't know my father, he is the biggest batman fan ever!! The year before last he was batman with my little nephew for Halloween. Even today at the movie he was supporting the caped crusader with a batman t-shirt. Batman is my favorite because he is an average person, with a passion for his city, and has really cool toys!!

My dad is my batman for many reasons. He has a passion for his city, he has cool toys, he is an average man, he believes in justice, he never gives up, and although he doesn't wear a mask he wears a badge everyday. He doesn't have an aircraft (the bat), or a cave (the bat cave), or a ridiculously cool car (the bat mobile), or a signal in the sky(the bat signal). He does have a motorcycle with the batman signal on the sides and on his helmet that he wears around his town. :)

My batman is different than the "famous" batman because everyone knows my dad; he doesn't have a mask. People know where he lives, the home phone number, some have his cell phone number, and they know where he works. Bruce Wayne had a luxurious life beside his life of being the batman. My dad is batman every minute of everyday protecting the city of Graham.

I can't tell you how many times I have thought of what wonderful parents I have. They have always stood for what's right, helped me grow in my faith, and have sculpted me to be the woman I am today. I am blessed to have two parents, that have been married over 25 years, still hug and kiss each other in front of who ever, make time to come see us in the metro-mess, and tell me they are proud of me.

I could go forever and ever about this but I'll end with the following. I have spent 24 years with batman and every minute has been fulfilling and a lesson learned. My batman is the BEST man there is and no one will ever change that. I'm not sure if my mom is batgirl, but she makes a pretty mean poison Ivey. ;)

I love my batman and his poison Ivey. :)

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