Saturday, July 7, 2012

Good morning rain!!!

Hi all!!

First I want to apologize for my spelling when blogging. I often blog from my iPhone and the autocorrect and I do not work well together. :/

This morning was soooo wonderful; I woke up with my husband and he made me breakfast. He normally works every Saturday so I don't normally see him until about 4 pm. Our adventure
Of today was vegging out!! We normally don't veg but we both had a very long week so we just enjoyed each other. We also had rain today - lots and lots of glorious rain!!! :) while it was raining outside my husband watches Americas Next Top Model with me inside. Haha he did not enjoy it but he is wonderful and spent the time with me regardless. As for Buster... He slept allllll day. Haha one would think he is a cat rather than a pup.

More tomorrow!!!

This is my husband. Is he not the most handsome man?!? ;)

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